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Signs of Release and Communication in Horses

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Releases and Communication

Horses communicate and show signs of release with small subtle expressions or movements.  Some will show big things like shifting the back end, yawning, licking and chewing, sighing or blowing or giving a whole body shake or even wanting to lay down and roll, and other stoic horses will only show a lip quiver, a sleepy demeanor, or not show anything at all until you are out of their space.  


This mare became so relaxed that she relaxed her TMJ, Hyoid apparatus and her jaw where she was holding a lot of tension.

Enhancing your horses potential and your horses performance

Are you an athlete? If you ride horses you sure are! Horses benefit from massage therapy and bodywork just like their human counterparts. Its also important for us to stay in optimum fitness and balance to not affect the performance of horse. If we are imbalanced they will be imbalanced. You can stretch, do range of movement exercises, get massages and eat right. We can do these same things for our horse as a health and wellness program for them. They are sensitive athletic beings that need care both for chronic and acute injuries and also means to prevent injuries. The diagram below points out some of the benefits of bodywork. More benefits than listed below include a better disposition and a means of communication from human to horse. I have seen a behavior completely change in a horse because they just feel better!!


Bodywork includes massage but often works through range of motion exercises and some components of chiropractic and myofascial release. Myofascial release is a softening or loosening of tight fascial tissue that holds the musculature. If the fascia is tight then you cannot loosen and work the muscles.

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