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Signs of Release and Communication in Horses

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Releases and Communication

Horses communicate and show signs of release with small subtle expressions or movements.  Some will show big things like shifting the back end, yawning, licking and chewing, sighing or blowing or giving a whole body shake or even wanting to lay down and roll, and other stoic horses will only show a lip quiver, a sleepy demeanor, or not show anything at all until you are out of their space.  


This mare became so relaxed that she relaxed her TMJ, Hyoid apparatus and her jaw where she was holding a lot of tension.

Posture of your horse and what it may mean

Do you observe how your horse stands? A narrow posture, especially in the hind end could mean a variety of things. It could be a sign of pain, poor foot balance, muscle imbalances or a result of poor confirmation.

The image below is a horse that has been uncomfortable for quite some time. He had a history of a rear over and flip. This of course caused some trauma and discomfort. He has held on to this tension for quite some time.

After working through tension at the poll, and limited work on the right hind, bodywork was able to relieve some tension and allow him to stand more evenly, thus he can reprogram his nervous system to relieve tension and travel correctly.

The image below is after bodywork. Though he may need a few sessions to maintain this stance he is on his way to better balance and less discomfort and we are on out way to transforming old tension patterns.

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