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Signs of Release and Communication in Horses

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Releases and Communication

Horses communicate and show signs of release with small subtle expressions or movements.  Some will show big things like shifting the back end, yawning, licking and chewing, sighing or blowing or giving a whole body shake or even wanting to lay down and roll, and other stoic horses will only show a lip quiver, a sleepy demeanor, or not show anything at all until you are out of their space.  


This mare became so relaxed that she relaxed her TMJ, Hyoid apparatus and her jaw where she was holding a lot of tension.

Its All Connected

I love this image. It really helps us see how the front limbs move and how all is connected. If you look at the green portion where the nuchal ligament is at the poll and that green follows through the neck, through the back and ultimately ends the sacrum. This should tell us that whatever happens at the poll affects the sacrum and vice versa. So if you horse is tensing and raising its head it will affect everything downstream. If the sacrum is unbalanced or tense the poll and headset will be affected. This is why bodywork at the poll is already affecting the rest of the horse. It is also affected in how we ride, do we have too much contact with the bit and there is pull and tension? Lots of things to consider!!

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